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What is small format printing?

It refers to printing produced on our digital press (pictured left). Typically we use oversized A3 sheets, (SRA3), and then trim the sheets down afterwards. However one of our digital presses can print sheets up to 1300mm long x 330mm wide.
We keep in stock a really great range of papers & cards for small format printing. The following list gives you a quick overview of the different types available…
Coated Papers:
115gsm Silk or Gloss art
130gsm Silk or Gloss art
150gsm Silk or Gloss art
170gsm Silk or Gloss art
200gsm Silk or Gloss art
250gsm Silk or Gloss art
300gsm Silk or Gloss art
350gsm Silk or Gloss art
400gsm Silk art
250gsm White Astralux
250gsm Gold or Silver Astralux

Uncoated Papers:
90gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated
120gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated
160gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated
200gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated
280gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated
350gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated
400gsm Premium Smooth Uncoated

150gsm Cartridge paper
200gsm Cartridge paper

Recycled Papers:
100gsm recycled
140gsm recycled
170gsm recycled
250gsm recycled
350gsm recycled

Self Adhesive Papers:
120gsm Self-Adhesive

Tracing Papers:
110gsm Tracing paper
170gsm Tracing paper
285gm Tracing paper

Synthetic Films:
Transparency Film
255gsm Xerox Durapaper
190micron Xerox Nevertear

Speciality Papers & Boards:
100gsm Cream Laid
300gsm Cream Laid
250gsm Smooth Natural Board
300gsm Curious Metalic Ice Gold
350gsm Zanders Zeta Textured Board
300gsm White Hammered Textured Board
Want to know more about which paper to choose - or what the difference is between coated and uncoated? See our BLOG PAGE for more information
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