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Laminating, Mounting and Encapsulating of Posters, Graphics, POS, Plans & Signs. We are based in Nottingham UK and offer a national delivery service.

Laminating of Posters, Maps, POS, Plans and Display Graphics

Heat Sealing (Encapsulating) of Documents, Posters, POS, Plan Drawings and Maps

Mounting of Artwork, Posters, POS, Signs and Display Graphics

Combined Printing and Encapsulating or Laminating of Posters, Maps & Plan Drawings

Small Format Laminating of Business cards, Documents & Menus etc

Free customer on-site parking for easy drop-off & pick-up as well as National Delivery

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We provide a National and International UPS delivery service

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Small Format Laminating


Our small table top laminator. This is used for laminating documents, menus, small posters and business cards etc.

Large Format Laminating & Mounting

Laminator & Mounter

Our large format laminator & dry mounting machine This is used for laminating graphics, photographic work, posters and display & exhibition work.

Encapsulating & Heat Sealing

Heat Sealing

Our Heat Sealing also known as Encapsulating, is a great way to totally protect you graphics, bonding to the front & back as well as around the edges.

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Technical Tip…

What’s the difference between ‘Encapsulation’ and ‘Lamination’?

Encapsulation is the process of placing artwork between two sheets of heat activated clear film, which is then fed through two heated rollers. The heat activates the glue in the film and sticks the ‘sandwich’ together. Encapsulation can be left with a clear film border, making it watertight and so is useful for outdoor work. Lamination film is applied to only one side of the artwork. It is a sticky film that requires no heat. It is much thinner than encapsulating film and is available in matt, gloss and sand textured finishes.
Barry Hayman, Director

Dry Mounting

We can mount graphics, (or print directly) on to a variety of substrates, including card, foam-centred board, Foamex, Correx, Acrylic, Glass, Mirrors, MDF and Dibond.
a photo mounted to foamex

Popular Substrates for Mounting on to...

Foam Centred Board (foam-board)

foamboard mounting  at Hayman Creative Nottingham


Foam centered board; cardboard outer sheets with a polystyrene core, making it very light. Typically 5mm thick and used to mount graphics for inside display purposes.

Dibond - Aluminium Composite

dibond mounting at Hayman Creative Nottingham


Dibond; aluminium outer sheets with an acrylic core. 3mm thick and very strong, making it ideal for exterior graphics & signage. Very stable in mixed weather conditions.

Correx - Extruded Polypropylene

a range of coloured correx sheets


Correx; A fluted plastic that is light and rigid. Typically either 5mm or 6mm thick and used by estate agents ‘for sale’ signs! Great for short term signage where budget is important.

Foamex - Medium Density PVC

a range of foamex sheets


A medium density PVC plastic available in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 10mm. Can be used for mounting interior and exterior graphics & signage.

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